Sussex Guitar Teaching.

Helping music move through you and your guitar.

* New Lesson Slots Now Available for 2017! *


  From the start you will be taught everything needed from the ground up including:-
  • Holding the guitar
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Practicing productively


  Crossing musical influences, advanced solo techniques including:-
  • Sweep & speed picking
  • Chicken picking
  • Using world influences


  Taking your technique further and expanding your horizons including:-
  • Scales and patterns
  • Advanced chords
  • Bends and vibrato
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Karn and his Fender
Nashville B-Bender Telecaster

  Welcome to the homepage of Guitar Teaching in Mid Sussex! Learn more about the guitar, and how to get more from your music.

  Lessons are available in Haywards Heath for levels from beginner to advanced. Check out the Lessons page for more details. Please get in touch if you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer them.

  As someone who has completed sessions on well over 100 commercial releases, Karn teaches from a position of experience, having done the job for real across many styles.
Playing At Earls Court
  Guitar is an instrument in quite a unique place. Although one of the more recent additions to the stringed instrument family, it now comes in a great variety of shapes sizes and designs, from acoustic and electro-acoustic to solid electric designs. No other instrument is available in such a huge variety.

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