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Guitar Care Basics

  This set of pages will be some useful information for those getting into guitar regarding caring and the basics of maintenance. Getting these things wrong, can make it so much harder to do things like keep your guitar in tune, and a guitar that's not in tune sounds bad regardless of how well you do everything else! That is hardly going to inspire you to keep playing is it? Let's get these things right, as so many books and teaching methods ignore these important issues, and a guitarist that can't string their guitar properly is hardly going to make an ideal player live or in the studio are they?

  These are not the only methods that can produce a good result, but they are reliable options none the less. Your choice of instrument will have an effect on how you do your maintenance and repair. Double-locking tremolo systems are ace at keeping the guitar in tune whilst using the system a lot, but the changing of strings will take longer and have it's own 'issues' or things to learn.

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